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Here Are Some Great Golf Tips

by Lee MacRae

Here are some great tips to help improve the various aspects of your golf game.

One way to hit the ball higher when driving [an especially useful strategy when the wind is behind you] is to make sure you hit the lower half of the ball. You can do this by teeing the ball at the normal height [half the ball lies above the top of the face club] then concentrating on hitting the ball out of the ground. You won't miss the ball, because there is just not enough room for the driver to pass through underneath it. And you shouldn't hit the ground either, because the only way you can knock the tee out of the ground is to hit the top of it.

Always club down from a driver if, in so doing, you avoid a downhill lie for your second shot. The downhill lie is the toughest of all lies to hit from. An uphill lie, though, isn't difficult at all, just so long as your club selection compensates for the slope. A flat lie is by far the best lie to hit from. So if by staying away from your driver you have the option of a flat or an uphill lie - don't think twice. Club down.

Many golfers lift their front foot on their backswing. This can lead to a reverse weight shift, where weight is actually shifted to the front side on the backswing. This can result in a hook or shank shot. Keep your front foot planted on the ground on your backswing, which will promote a proper hip and shoulder turn and get you into a "coil" position setting you up for increased power. Just don't forget to shift your weight to your back side.

Work on these tips and make sure you tee off with a positive mindset. The more you practice and implement what you learn, the more confidence you will gain in your ability to hit it straight and long. And watch your scores begin to plummet!

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Quick Golf Ideas

Yardage Has Been Lost
The downside of this shot-making decision is that yardage has been lost and, therefore, a possible birdie opportunity has been missed because there is still a fair amount of ground to be made up before the putting surface can be reached. The solution is to hit the ball so that it bends around the trees at the right moment and makes a greater distance down the fairway, resulting in an approach shot much nearer the hole. The skill called for here is to draw the ball, hitting it initially on a path to the right before it curves round to the left, avoiding the trees and leaving a more desirable lie.
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Custom Golf Putters

Lean Left. It�s critical to start and keep your weight toward your front foot during the entire motion of a bunker shot. This encourages the club to sustain its speed through impact, which in turn creates the wave of sand necessary to carry the ball in the air.
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A More Impressive Scorecard
Correct execution of the draw will result in a more impressive scorecard. Conversely get it wrong and those trees you were hoping to avoid may be very reluctant to give up your ball without a real fight. Nevertheless, once you are confident in your swing, don't be afraid to take on the draw. It may take time and plenty of practice to master the technique, but the results can be very satisfying.
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Used Golf Irons

Level Legs. The lack of traction in bunkers forces the legs to function differently than they do on full shots�they must maintain their flex during the entire swing instead of posting up through impact. This will keep you nice and level through the shot.
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