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Sand Trap Tips And Tecniques

By Lee MacRae

Sand and bunker shots are some of the most intimidating and yet most rewarding shots in golf. Here are some quick tips to help improve your own shots from the sand.

Trying to a hit tee from under your ball is a good drill for getting your drives in the air. It's also a good drill for sand play. Here's how it's done: Tee up your ball in a bunker, and tee it up high. It is the tee from under the ball. Now tee it so that the tee is just barely showing. Hit it out again. Now position the ball so that no part of the tee is visible, the bottom of the ball is flush with the sand. Practice until you can consistently hit the tee out of the sand, then play the same shot while pretending that the tee is still under the sand. The lesson here is that the golfer hits the sand and the sand lifts the ball out of the bunker. So at no point did you think of hitting the ball itself.

Because every golfer wants to get up and down from greenside sand, there is always a great pressure to hit the ball close from a bunker. The fact is, however, that a top pro who gets up and down half the time is doing very well indeed. For this reason you should not concentrate on hitting sand shots to tap-in range [that is, to within three feet] as you would do for a long putt. Focus instead on hitting to within a target that's 12 to 15 feet in diameter. That gives you up to 7 1/2 feet to play with on each side of the hole can be much easier bull's-eye to deal with. You'll be more relaxed and will hit the ball even closer.

Excessive wrist action can wreck a golf shot. It usually leads to topping or blading, which in a greenside bunker can be especially ruinous. There is usually not much golf course around greens, and a ball blade is out of a bunker could end up in a water hazard, out of bounds, or in some other unplayable lie. It is a good idea, therefore to hit all sand shots with stiff wrists, even those that require you to cock your wrists early on the backswing. Remember; no wrists, no risk.

Once you have a feel for the basics of playing from sand, you can easily understand some of the finer points of bunker play, and you will find it easy to adapt your technique to different types of sand challenges and lies. Make your golf game more enjoyable with good sand play.

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Yardage Has Been Lost
The downside of this shot-making decision is that yardage has been lost and, therefore, a possible birdie opportunity has been missed because there is still a fair amount of ground to be made up before the putting surface can be reached. The solution is to hit the ball so that it bends around the trees at the right moment and makes a greater distance down the fairway, resulting in an approach shot much nearer the hole. The skill called for here is to draw the ball, hitting it initially on a path to the right before it curves round to the left, avoiding the trees and leaving a more desirable lie.
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To check to see if the wrists are in the proper position that was mentioned above, swing the club half-way back about hip-level high with the clubshaft in the position horizontal to the ground. If the left wrist is in this flat position the clubface will be parallel to the target line, or the toe of the club will be pointing vertically towards the sky. Half-way through the forward swing with the shaft horizontal to the ground again the clubface should be parallel to your target line or toe facing upwards towards the sky. In these positions the left wrist has remained in the flat position throughout your entire swing which translates into a solid straight shot on line to your target. Finally, remember that any attempt to hit the ball with your hands will force the wrists out of position, and the cause them to break down which results in wayward shots.

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Scotland is often thought of as being the home of golf and has been known to the British Isles for centuries. The game is avidly played there and the oldest golf course in the world is situated at Musselburgh and is known as The Old Links. The Old Links has hosted golf as we have come to know it today since 1672 though earlier versions had also been played and known of in the British Isles as well as other countries of Northern Europe many centuries earlier. It is primarily an upper-class sport but has increased in popularity and become accessible to almost everyone today.
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Although they might look somewhat similar, the mechanics of hitting a bunker shot are different than those used to play a chip shot from grass. In the sand, it's actually advantageous to allow the clubhead to pass your hands past impact. This move encourages a higher, softer shot by increasing the clubhead speed and amount of spin that can be created. Due to the unstable nature of sand, think of these shots as more �handsy� than most others in golf.
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