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Why I Like Golf Swing Aid

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Golf Tips To Improve Your Game

by Lee MacRae

The following tips have been gleaned from various sources over the years. We hope you enjoy them.

Teeing the ball higher will aid in hitting the ball farther. By teeing the ball higher, it will help achieve better launch angle and reduce backspin at impact. This will allow the ball to be hit on the up-swing - producing more carry and distance.

Keep the angle on your leading hand. Many amateurs tend to flip the hands forward in an effort to get the ball in the air, but this only retards the effort of having good equipment. The leading hand (left hand for most players, right hand for southpaws) should be angled down towards the ball on the downswing. It's like you are hitting the ball with the back of left hand. If your left hand is flipping up on the downswing, your contact will not be solid and you will get consistent misses with your wood. This tip also starts the ball low and lets its climb on its own through your generated power.

A common cause of tension lies in the grip. An improper grip, or one that is too tight, creates tension that continues up the arms, through the shoulders, down the body and to the legs is sure to wreck your swing. Tension is the greatest robber of motion. The result is a hitting action rather than a swinging motion. A correct grip can relieve the pressure; however, it's still possible to have a correct grip and hold on too tightly (tension).

Work on these tips and make sure you tee off with a positive mindset. The more you practice and implement what you learn, the more confidence you will gain in your ability to hit it straight and long. And watch your scores begin to plummet!

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More Thoughts On Golf

Titanium Fairway Woods

A golf tip for a golfer that plans to regrip his clubs: Be cautious. This is because the grips are the only contact points one can access to affect the shot. Before carrying out the regripping, know the core grip of the club and your hands grip size. To determine your core size grip, measure the diameter of the butt of the shaft you're going to re-grip. The shaft's diameter should match the grip's core diameter. In determining your hands grip, the available size grips are regular, mid-size, oversize and jumbo. Use only the best re-gripping materials that will provide optimum performance for your golf clubs.
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Don't grip the club too tightly. A tight grip inhibits a smooth swing and follow-though. Also, keep the grips on your clubs in good condition. Worn grips force you to hold the club too tightly. Replace the grips on your clubs as they get worn and smooth. When first learning the grip, keep a club around the house and practice gripping and regripping the club a few minutes each day. Remember to keep fingers secure and arms relaxed.
...Golf Instruction Guide

Find Your Swing Plane
You can swing on an upright or flat plane and be effective. However, if you want to be neutral, keep your left arm running up through your left shoulder at the top.
...Golf Tips magazine

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